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A Chronicle of Redemption



Part 1: Redemption Promised to a Covenant People

Chapter 1: Believing God

Chapter 2: Pain and Providence

Chapter 3: Holy, Hurting, Hoping, Healed

Chapter 4: Yahweh

Chapter 5: Blood that Satisfies

Chapter 6: Where Glory Dwells

Part 2: The Law of the Land

Chapter 7: The Wonder of Atonement

Chapter 8: Fear or Faith

Chapter 9: Love God, Love People

Chapter 10: Courage that Conquers

Chapter 11: Depravity and Deliverance

A Story of Love

Chapter 12: Story of Love

Part 3: Failed Kings in a United Kingdom

Chapter 13: The Improbable Champion

Chapter 14: This One Thing

Chapter 15: Father to the Fatherless

Chapter 16: Shepherd Who Satisfies

Chapter 17: The Promise of a Kingdom

Chapter 18: Giving in the History of Redemption

Chapter 19: Sex in Salvation History

Chapter 20: Walking in Wisdom

Chapter 21: Extravagant Worship

Chapter 22: Vanity and the Divine Design

A Day of Prayer and Fasting

Part 4: Faithful Prophets in a Divided Kingdom

Chapter 23: Christ Our Prophet

Chapter 24: Fish Food

Chapter 25: Unwavering Holiness and Unrelenting Love

Chapter 26: Sinful People and a Shepherd King

Chapter 27: Hope In God

Chapter 28: The Scandal of the Gospel

Chapter 29: The Divine Warrior

Chapter 30: Repenting of Sin and Returning to God

Chapter 31: The New Covenant in the Old Testament

Chapter 32: Questioning God

Part 5: Faint Hope for a Devastated Kingdom

Chapter 33: Trusting God, Confessing Sin and Banking on Mercy

Chapter 34: Our God-Centered God

Chapter 35: The God-Centered Life

Chapter 36: Christ Our Priest and King

Chapter 37: The Sin of Man and the Silence of God

Part 6: The Redeemer Is Here

Chapter 38: The Son of God and the Submission of Man

Chapter 39: The Eternal Ramifications of Exceeding Righteousness

Chapter 40: The All-Satisfying Christ

Chapter 41: The Light of the World

Chapter 42: A Fast For The Nations

Chapter 43: Redeemed For A Reason

Part 7: Redemption Proclaimed by a New Covenant People

Chapter 44: The Church for the Nations

Chapter 45: A Coming King and His Confident Church

Chapter 46: The Cross-Centered Life

Chapter 47: The Marvel of God’s Mercy

Chapter 48: The Mystery of Christmas

Chapter 49: Not By Bread Alone



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