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My name is Dalton and welcome to my new ‘fledgling’ of a blog. I am really excited about starting and developing this blog and would really appreciate any feedback that you might have to offer.

Where I am: I am an Engineering student at BRCC and ODU working towards an AAS and a BAS concurrently. I am also a full-time welder.

Why this blog and why this blogger?

To answer the latter first; because I desire to bring Glory to God through my writing. I don’t see myself as particularly gifted at writing, nevertheless I enjoy it. There are many blogs that will cover the same issues and topics that I will and they will probably do it better than I ever could. The only distinction would be that I am writing from an Anabaptist background and am hoping to reach out to the Anabaptist world…. Which brings me to what this particular blog is about.

I want this blog to be the antidote to the biblical illiteracy that plagues our churches. The following is the type of things that you can expect to see on this blog…

  • The Gospel and its implications
  • Clear teachings on specific theological categories
  • Book reviews that promote good books and warn about the bad
  • Discernment which will seek to warn the church of false wolves

Enjoy… 🙂

  1. Jill McCoy permalink

    Hi; I came across this in search of material on Jeremiah 29:11-14. While your “arguments” seem plausible, it seems you may have missed that the plan is also about the future which is found in the Gospel. This passage does have a message of hope that He will be with us in this brief time (the length of time on earth) with plans for our lives, not just the exiles in Babylon. Given that he is writing to the exiles (perhaps the few believers) indicates that his message is also for NT believers only – not unbelievers. Hope you will reply with your thoughts. I am seeking a dialogue not a “fight”.

    • Thank you for your comment and I am very willing to give you some feedback. Biblical INTERPRETATION has a single goal, and that is to understand what the text means by evaluating the words and thinking about the original authors intention. When we look at Jeremiah 29, there is nothing in the text that would indicate that the original authors (both human and Divine) intended for this promise to mean anything other than what it says. This promise is made to comfort a specific people in a specific time in history and the message of hope that you mention is limited to what the text says. We see nothing in this passage that points to the promised Messiah and the gospel like so many other Old Testament passages do (Genesis 12 for example). The promise that we see is that God will bring His people out of exile back to the land that He has promised would be theirs.

      That is INTERPRETATION. APPLICATION of the text (or looking for the timeless truths of a text and seeing how they would work in our lives) is another matter altogether. However, we must remember that we are still constrained by the text (It cannot mean what it never meant). Again, I would point out that nothing in the text would indicate a promised Savior or salvation from sin. The only thing promised is that God will rescue them from their physical exile in a foreign land and bring them back to Israel.

      I do want to provide a bit of nuancing for your statement “This passage does have a message of hope that He will be with us in this brief time (the length of time on earth) with plans for our lives”. First, this passage does not teach us that God will be with us while on this earth (contrasted with Matthew 28:20 which is very explicit), BUT IT DOES teach us something about the character of God. It teaches us that God is a God of mercy in forgiving those wicked Israelites (see earlier chapters for their sins) and that He can even forgive us but that still doesn’t give us the right to somehow “claim” Jeremiah 29:11 as if it were a promise for us. Secondly, your statement about “with plans for our lives” again is inserting ideas into the text that simply would not have been meant by the original author. The PLANS mentioned in this text are for GOD to bring the EXILES to ISRAEL. When you insert your own ideas of “plans” into the text, you do damage to what it is actually trying to teach us. The bible teaches that the Christian shouldn’t be surprised to be persecuted and killed for the name of Jesus Christ and God’s “plan” for my life might be that I am killed before another year runs out. How does that square with the idea of saying that Jeremiah 29:11 applies to me?

      Dear fellow believer in Christ, we have so many precious promises that have been given directly to us. God promises to work out all things to our good and that means whether you live your life in a wheelchair, die at a young age, or live a normal life of ups and down that God will be at work to glorify Himself and to grow you up into mature faith in Christ Jesus. Why should you or I base our hope in the goodness of God on promises that aren’t made to us? Jeremiah is a wonderful book to read and there are so many things that we can learn about who God is and how He works in our world without making the mistake of thinking that all the promises must in someway apply to us.

      I, like you, am not looking for a fight. The only reason that I would take so much time and care to address an issue like this is because I believe that the Bible is the Word of God and should be treated as such. I find that in my own life, it is very easy to insert my own thoughts and feeling into the text and when I do that, I realize that I am doing damage to the revelation that God has given to us. God has revealed himself in the bible so that we may understand who He is and come to love Him and to have our minds transformed so that we love that which is righteous and good. When I insert my own thoughts and opinions into the Bible (instead of letting it inform my thinking) then I hamper the work that God wishes to do in my life through those very words.

      I always appreciate comments so don’t allow my lengthy reply to scare you aware from replying and even disagreeing with what I have said here. Thanks

  2. Donald permalink

    Tell me, how many people did you help feed last week? How many people did you visit in prison? How many people did you help clothe? How many people did you provide medical care to? How many people did the church you attend provide these things too???? There are hundreds of verses from Genesis to Revelation commanding us to do these things. Instead of tearing apart a brother you should be living up to your responsibility to live out the Gospel in how you treat others.

  3. Donald,
    My first priority must always be to the God who created me and to whom I owe Honor and Worship and Praise. This not only extends to the being of God, but also to the Word that He as entrusted to His people.

    We see all throughout the Old and New Testament, the high priority of the Word of God and the care with which it was to be handled. When the people of God failed to honor it as such and instead placed it into subjection to other priorities, the result was corruption, sin, a failure to help their neighbors, and a turning away from God; all of which brought about the judgment of God. My goal here is not to tear apart a brother (I do not know if you were speaking of someone in particular) but to uplift the Word of God. My goal is to handle the Word of God aright and call my brothers to the same. I believe that if we put God and His Word in the proper place in our lives, that all of the concerns that you mentioned will be addressed by the people of God.

    The internet is a marvelous place that allows us to have the kinds of dialogues that you and I are having right now. However, the internet is a poor way to go about feeding people or visiting them in prison. All this blog has is words and thoughts to offer the world. I could try to write passionate pleas to people describing all the horrors that people around the world are experiencing in the hope that people’s emotions are moved to help these people; but the secular world is already doing that to little avail at obtaining long term solutions. OR I could call people to know, believe, honor, respect and worship the God who formed them and to know the Word that He has given. I firmly believe that people who know that God and are changed by their knowing will be a much more powerful witness and help to the world than all of the emotion driven people that this world could ever offer.

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