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discipleshipOne of the things that really stood as a barrier in my relationship with God when I first came to Christ was a lack of discipleship. I knew I should read the Bible but I didn’t know how I should go about it. The Bible is like an ocean and it is easy to get lost or to feel like you are drowning. Where do you start? How do you grow in your relationship with Christ?

Of course, nothing can (or should) replace a mature Christian who walks beside you and Disciples you in the Christian faith. However, many of us do not have that luxury … But on the flip-side, we live in a time where information abounds. We live in the age of a thousand sermons from a thousand pastors laying right at our finger tips.

We automatically do a bit of self-discipleship when we read our Bible’s and spend time in private prayer. The goal of being a disciple is to grow in the knowledge of Christ and to be transformed into His image through the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives. Both Scripture and prayer help us to grow in our relationship with Christ for it teaches us what is means to be “Crucified with Christ” and what it means to be “in Christ”.

But many of us feel unable to properly study the bible. We don’t feel “equipped” and get quickly discouraged. The Goal of this page is to provide Resources for you so that you can grow in Christ. Don’t sit around waiting for someone to come along and disciple you; actively pursue your relationship with Christ!

P.s. – There are many resources out there that will actually do more damage to your faith than good because there are many “fierce wolves” that pretend to be sheep. My aim is to provide you with Biblically solid resources and I have carefully reviewed these resources and believe them to be doctrinally sound…

P.p.s – A lot of people have resources that cover these topics but David Platt has taken a lot of time to put them into compact lectures and so I am going to be utilizing him a lot. If you want more resources by him that are not on here; go here.


Know the Word…

The importance of knowing God’s Word cannot be overstated. Are you satisfied where you are or do you desire to know more about the God who has loved you in such powerful ways?


Chronicle of Redemption

This is a series of 52 sermons given by David Platt when he took his church through the bible chronologically in a year. If you take the time to read the bible through from beginning to ending then I think you will find these sermons an excellent companion to help you understand the importance of what you are reading…

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